Please, why are my ex's friends snapchatting me?

I haven't heard from my ex since he broke up with me almost 4 weeks ago!!! I'm so hurt still and can't believe he just blindsided me with this breakup. Things were almost perfect between us. He initiated all of our conversations and we talked every moment we got and he told me all the time how much he loved me. I don't chase after guys so I haven't contacted him either since we broke up. I feel like if he wanted to talk he'd contact me. I just can't believe he hasn't!! Now 4 of his friends have or are snapchatting me!!! One of them sent a picture of himself and my ex asking what I was doing. I really didn't reply much. Is it because he's trying to find out what's going on with me? Why doesn't he just ask me himself? He broke up with me! I've never even really talked to his friends! So confused


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  • His pizza delivery messangers 😂😂 he is using his friends to check up on you... lol

  • He wants to know what's going on in your life

    • But why doesn't he just ask me himself? Why have his friends ask? And if he broke up and doesn't want to talk to me then why does he care what I'm doing?

    • He doesn't want you to know that he's checking up on you, and it's human nature to be curious you had a lot of memories together he won't just forgot them

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