How long until he comes back around?

My ex boyfriend and I had been dating for almost three years. Basically shit hit the fan and I had to hide the fact we were dating for a year plus. Well for the last month and a half I have had a lot of family things going on, studying and just very busy and so I hadn't be able to see him as much. Well about two weeks ago he was having a bad fight with his dad and I was trying to talk to him and he dropped this bomb that this chick was moving in with him and I got upset and he gave me this speach about how I have nothing to worry about. So I didn't. Well the next day he was out in the woods with her until like 3AM and I got worried and upset and then he broke up with me. He said she made him happier than I did and he was going to have a future with her and all that. Well I was that chick and got pissed and made a scene. Fucked up my hand and my phone. They've been dating I guess and this chick is B A. D news. Hard drugs, lost custody of her kid and kicked out of her house. Anyways we talked on the phone for three hours a week ago and he basically said that he knows he's fucking up and he just needs time to figure some shit out and 'find himself' and that this chick just understands him more than I can and he's trying to help her and that he really believes we'll be together again that we both just need some time but we can be friends in the meantime. I texted his dad a few days ago and asked him to have him get ahold of me when he can, he seen the message and I haven't heard anything. I need to talk to him about an injury our cat got, dumb I know, but he'd want to know. I know we both have some changing to do but I worry about him and I love and miss him and would love to be with him again. I know I have to let him do when he thinks he needs to do. I just wish he was around because I'm going through a lot right now. But when should I expect him to come back around to me?


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  • Nah!!! lol... I am not buying that shit! It's all a lie... do you have proof that this so called fucked up girl is really existing?
    Because some people do it to get attention. Answer my question and I will tell you the rest.

  • Crack heads like each other, it's not your fault


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