Should I let him come to me or do I go to him?

my sister lives about an hour away and all of her college friends always come over on the weekends to my house. I became very good friends with all of them and had a little thing with one, but it didn't work out.

i was about to give up on the whole older men college scene thing until I met him. he is three years older than me and the nicest guy ever! we had hung out like a million times before I got the hint that he liked me. and as soon as I found that out I saw a different side of him. he would text me good morning and good night and leave me things on my wall on Facebook and IM me all the time telling me how much time we wanted and how he just wanted to hang out with me and talk. you see, we both have somewhat troubled pasts and we both have strong opinions about everything, and he is the type of guy that wants to talk about it all in person! can you believe that I actually found a guy who wants to accept me and all of the skeletons in my closet!? well he finally came over and we talked about everything.. I felt that we had such a strong mental/emotional connection. even more so he was spending the weekend..2 nights! so of course we hooked up was amazing and after that we would still hold hands and cuddle and kiss..i was so happy, until he left.

we have talked a few times since he left and that's because winter break is coming up and he has a ton of work and finals to study for..and that's understandable. but I feel like now that he has me, he doesn't want me, and he just liked the chase, don't get me wrong this kid is great and mind games aside I really think it can work..i just need to know how to get the spark going again because right now I don't feel it and we even got into a fight, and after that I've just had a bad feeling

hes leaving to go home in a couple days so I know I won't see him for a month(winter break) and the fact that he lives 5 hours away doesn't help. so should I let him come to me or do I keep going to him?


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  • what you end up doing?


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