Guys, I was minpulated by my insecruties that I told my boyfriend several times to break up with me that it hurted him and now I want him back! ?

I was stupid and foolish I was the worst I can be I consulted the wrong people about my problems with my soul mate. He just asked for a space for me to study and for him to study, instead of being supportful I thought that he wanted to break up with me , so I was clingy and never left him alone to study nor to calm down from my attitudes! He didn't hurt me back he kept silence and waiting for me to admit my mistakes and feel the guilt. Previously right before he asks for me to study and keep a space, i made some mistakes and was so clingy and told everybody about our secrets and the things that should only be between us. Now, i pushed him to a break up and i said he doesn't love me! This hurt him so much so much cause after all he has been doing i come and say he doesn't want me. Later I discoverd that he had some problems that stressed him out and he didn't want to distract me away from my studies. Now i understand i was the most stupid person ever! But i was realy confused and lost ! I was afraid to lose him so i pushed him away unintentionally. I love him so much so so so much And he loves me also as tough as I love him. But he is mad at me and hurt from me leaving him and refuses to listen. I know he won't move on nor will forget I know that he will always love me. I am not a bad person I just acted amaturely and without thinking. Help me to get him back! He is love of my life.


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  • don't be so sure about this always thing... u know y? u mentioned u told everybody about secrets dat should be only between u and him... maybe he could forgive u about being clingy... but now i find it kinda hard he will... revealin secrets isn't a small thing... sorry :/

    • Its not secrets like secrets.
      You know when you are too proud with your girlfriend that you mention her name always.
      And the secret was that we have a problem and he is mad at me. thats the secret. He is a too shy person i just was trying to seek help from people so i told them about the problem we are having so he got mad cause he told me to not do so

    • So he is still mad i guess? Anyway it's up to him to calm down... but it won't be an easy task... sorry :(

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