How can I move on from my first ex boyfriend?

Hi I was wondering if there is any tips for me to moving on my frist ex boyfriend in 1 month?

I choice one one month because that's when the school start for college and I wanted to show him that I moved on

please please give me some really good suggestion


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  • If you are Really hellbent, @Itzlily1234, in 'Moving on my first ex boyfriend in 1 month,' then No contact with him whatsoever will surely Begin your Beguine today.
    I cannot promise that you will Completely put him out of your mind or just Go On as though it were Totally Over, but you need to Start Soon, a month is a short time away, and you have a lot of work to do here, dear.
    Focus on You now and if you truly want to 'Show him' you are your own straw boss, then Be strong enough to take the bull by the horns and perhaps socialize a little, start going out and hanging out with some friends and with This... He will see you mean Business and No monkey business.
    However, I cannot Promise as well that he will not find this New You most appealing and maybe try to wriggle and wiggle back into your life.
    Good luck. xx


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