Girls, Why would you tell your ex boyfriend you've moved on but get jealous when he looks at another girl?

Why tell your ex boyfriend you've moved on but u get jealous when he takes interest in another girl? Why get mad and block him if he says another girl gras his Dick? If he means nothing toyou why let him upset you and make u mad to begin with? What is the point of trying to hide your emotions from him when you oth know you love eachother deeply? Is there a point to the nonsense?


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  • She cares otherwise she won't get jealous

    • Why do you hurt the one guy that treats you better than any other guy you've let into your life

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    • She hurts u because she can and is certain that u will always want her, she basically hurts u and probably enjoys it boosting up her ego. Ignore her that will empower u more. Stop letting her do this to u. Do not ask her about her feelings or her thoughts about u seeing other girls. Treat her as if u dont care anymore. I think she might respect u after that u'd have a better chance of getting back

    • Alrite, I'll give it a try, thank you!

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  • She isn't jealous. She's pissed she doesn't have someone and you do

    • She always tells me to move on move on move on!! I WANT HER!

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    • She doesn't want you but she doesn't want anyone else to have you.

    • Fuck her life what am I a fuckin trophee?😓😒 whatever

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