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My boyfriend and i broke up two weeks ago. He completely ignored any conversation about us getting back together. A few days ago i saw him and he said he was turned off and was thinking about things. Before we departed and after a long conversation he said we can keep in touch and he'd come around. Maybe even come over this weekend. When i got home he text me about something and said there was something he wanted to talk to me about but he'd wait until he sees me. Now im confused.. any advice is appreciated. Thanks?


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  • If you broke up once, then it's probably best that you don't get back together if that is what he wants and he is the one who broke up with you. If it's just been two weeks and what he does want to tell you is that he wants to get with you again, your heading in a downward spiral of an on and off relationship. Unless that's what you want, I advise you let things go without causing yourself unnecessary stress :)

    • Well definitely not a downwards spiral we really have a history together and i know he really cares about me. Maybe even love. In the past he's gotten back with me on his own measures. He really didn't have to contact me at all when i got home so i was rather surprised.

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  • Confused... he told you he was turned off? Either way, you broke up for a reason. Life's too short, find someone who knows they want you. sounds like you're his "back up " plan.

  • He just wants closure. He dos not want to get back together

    • When we met up is about closure or moving on. He could've made the decision to continue to ignore me like he had done. He's not really the type to lingering on. He'd just move on without talking to me

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