Guys, Why does he ask if I hate him?

My ex and I dated for 2 years. I was clear from the start that while I wanted a year or two to get to know each other, I'm also not the type to cohabite for years without taking it a step further.

About three months ago, I took a new job that requires travel 3-4 days a week. It's stressful because I also have a house, large yard, and pets to care for, as well as a strong base of local friends and family. Although we talked about this change before I took the job, he didn't tell me that he still expected me to travel with him every weekend to party/hang with the boys, or not see him. He also plays intramural sports 2-3 nights per week Monday through Thursday.

We started to fight all the time after that, mainly because I was too exhausted to travel every weekend, and we rarely saw one another during the week. If I wouldn't be ready to go every Friday at five, he was gone. We tried splitting our time, spending two weekends a month away and two either locally with friends, or within two hours of home, but he eventually said he was not willing to do it. He also refused to move closer to his own friends and family (6 hours away), which I was agreeable to to reduce the traveling. We fought almost every week after that.

Every weekend spent close to home, he would be sullen, ignore me, and leave me to carry conversations with our friends while he buried his face in his phone.

I finally told him that I wanted to be with someone who could handle giving up a nonstop bachelor life and fall in love, and we broke up.

But tonight he texted me to ask if I "hate him." My gut says he is only asking to assuage any guilt he has about his shitty behavior, but guys know guys - is he doing that? Or trying to get back together?


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  • i don't think he tries to get back together wid u... after all u can tell by just a "do u hate me?"... although wether he wants to get back to u or not... maybe it annoys him being hated by u.

    i say this coz u were clear about wot u wanted and he was disagreein wid it. so i don't see y he should get back to u since he prefers a "nonstop bachelor life"


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