Bitter over a failed relationship, what to do and how to move on?

so I'm 25 and meet this girl 2 summers ago and tried to date her this summer but it didn't work out and she didn't even seem to take me seriously or give me a straight answer as to why she didn't want to date me when she otherwise seemed to like me . even though its a few months later now I'm still so bitter over the whole thing and I still don't want to give up on the whole idea and I still have feelings for her but I'm just so bitter over being treated like crap by her and not being taken seriously .


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  • since she doesn't take you seriously why are you still thinking of her.!

    i knw it may be hard if you still have feelings to her, but its better to move on this girl!

    otherwise, you can tlk to her directly and ask her why she is acting like that, and she will for sure answer you honestly..

    good luck

    • Well its not as much as she didn't take me serious , more she never gave me a straight answer than just left to go back home and left me heartbroken , the whole thing never left me with a good feeling in the end

  • You being bitter about it does not make for a good start. If this is the case, move on.

    If you simply used a strong word with "bitter," perhaps you should try communicating with her about why she seemed interested, but had no interest in dating you. There is very little info here to work with. If she was leading you on then definitely move on and don't look back. If she was always polite and a good friend, then merely asking her what's up should be fine and ease some stress.

    • She was a bit of both , a girl who lead me on and a good friend and polite . I don't know what else to say about her but I definity though she was interested . not sure why we never ended up doing much of anything . but I'am bitter about the whole thing and do miss her as well

    • Definitely communicate. By leading you on, I mean hugging and kissing, the things people who are in more serious relationships do. This, in my opinion, goes beyond being polite which would be calling, asking how you are doing, hanging out. "Bitter" makes it seems as though if you did try to talk to her again your anger would take over. If you a frustrated then talking it over with her should help. If you ask her straight up and she doesn't answer, then she wants nothing to do with you.

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