Did my ex change his mind about me because of his ex?

We recently got back together and all was good he was texting and calling me more but then this week he tells me that his ex fiancé called him she said she wished things turned out different between them. She cheated on him and had a child with someone else and is still with the guy. He told me that she text him like 5 times then the last text she said I guess you're busy. So he told me that this happened 2 days ago from Tuesday, and later that day he tells me he is going to have to find himself again. Was it because of her contacting him? by the way he broke up with me 6 months ago but we had contact almost the whole time except for 1 month because I told him I never wanted to speak to him but then he starts to contact me again.

I told him if he didn't want me to let me go then and he said I'm not letting you go. I'm so confused and hurt all over again. Why would he come back in my life only to leave me again.


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  • ... Later that day he tells me he is going to have to find himself again...
    It seems that the Ghost from the past who is not such a Blast, made this Decision for Him, Including you Here, dear, when 'She text like 5 times...'and now has stirred up a smelly can of worms again. It has brought him to the conclusion, which you might say is a Closure for you in the end, because he is trying to get back up with Her... In the end.
    The skeleton is out of the closet once more and with her, rattling his chains and you both who 'Recently got hooked at the hip again,' this is a sad situation where it is going to lead Again down a badly beaten path and Become a Full circle Problem Patter Of... He broke up with me.
    He is smoothing things over, like Ironing out the white sheet, telling you these things because it seems to me he wants his cake and Eat it Two.
    The writing is on the wall and all that he just May 'Leave me again' and Again, Leave you heart broken To... Mend.
    Go slow with this flow and if he decides "I need a break to think things out,' tell him Three Strikes you are Out, you cannot float with his boat anymore. It's Not fair to you and it's a slap in your face and A... Disgrace.
    Good luck. xx


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