Is my ex girlfriend truly over me?

My ex and I broke-up in May, and always kept in touch throughout the summer, and hung out, she willingly admitted to loving me in September, but then I decided to ignore her, and see how much she truly loved me, BIG MISTAKE! I ignored her for like 2 months Sept-Oct, she got very mad, and cried when I never talked to her much, she always wanted to hangout, and see me, would send me funny texts to get me to reply which I did sometimes, but then on the 23 of Oct, she called me, and said she wants to be just casual friends, and not to hangout again. I was stunned, and couldn't believe it. Now when I try to talk to her,she says she doesn't want to hang or talk, she tells me I need to move on like she has, and to take a hint, and leave her alone. She told her friend in November when she asked if she still liked me, she said "No, well... IDK." She tells me she doesn't care about me anymore, and that she wants me to move on to someone happy and not her. Says she isn't interested in me anymore. In Sept, she loved me, I ignore her for a month or so, and now she hates me, and doesn't care about me. Is it possible? Her close friend says she can't get over me that fast, she talked to her, she said I don't know to when she asked if she liked me still in Nov. Can she get over me that fast, or is she just hurt for what I did, and trying to get back at me? She has never done this to me before, she told me she loved me in Sept, honestly, and that she is infatuated with me, holds my hand, and says she wants me to wrap her up with my arms and never let go...In Sept. Now she ignores me, and tells me to leave her alone and to move on. IS SHE OVER ME? Her friend says that she is just hurt, and thinks she is just doing this for what I did. She never asked her that, but that's what she thinks. She is her CLOSE friend. HELP ME! I love her!


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  • Dude now you know how it feels when you ignore some one like that. Your getting a taste of your own medicine. I'm sorry to say that but its true. If I were you I would give her space and wait awile if things don't come back to together then move on.There's nothing you can do. Good Luck

    - Harvey D


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