She says she doesn't want a relationship?

This girl tells me she doesn't want a relationship. We're really close friends. She's never had a boyfriend before.

I'm also good friends with one of her good friends. And they said she had told them that she doesn't want a boyfriend because 1) she feels too selfish and would end up hurting them, and also because 2) she's afraid that if she lets herself like someone like that she'll only end up hurt.

Any advice?


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  • I've had the same problem, but with someone who just doesn't want a relationship, and even told me that she wouldn't really consider me even if she did want a relationship.

    Your case seems different, in that she's afraid. If she's just afraid, then you need to show her that there is nothing to fear, and you'll like her for who she is. If she still insists that she's afraid, she may just not want to be involved in one, and there's not much you can do.


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