I can't (won't) tell him I miss him?

My boyfriend dumped me about 4 months ago. He was right to do it. I had really bad bouts of jealousy. I recognize where we both, but mainly myself, failed in the relationship. I've been working through those issues for myself and not him. He just opened my eyes to it. I miss him so much. But I won't tell him. Is there even a point too when you're the one that got broken up with? We've had minimal contact but everytime we do it's always pleasant and slightly flirty. I want to tell him but I don't see it doing any good since he walked away from me... I don't know. What do you guys think?


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  • I think you should tell him indirectly? That you miss him... I don't know how but you figure it out...👍
    You might have chances to start from the beginning and give another shot to see if its worth being together...

    • I might try this. Thank you for answering!

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  • I have one piece of advice for you in this situation: you have to be able to stand on your own before you can depend on somebody and have somebody depend on you.
    Like you said, there's some things that you needed to work on and you have to be honest with yourself: did you try to work on those things during the 4 months?
    I feel like if you like him still, you should make it apparent that the feelings are still there. However, you want to give him some space since he did end the relationship. And I think independence would be good for you too.
    If you get back together, its kind of like itching a mosquito bite: you're only soothing the temporary pain only to realize there's still the swollen burden of something much more.
    I wish you the best, but please, take your time and heal your heart.

    • Do you think if I continue to try and build as a person then if I still want too once I feel like I have a grip on it then it would be okay to venture starting over with him again? Our relationship was really good but there's a few things I feel like we both need to grow up on. I've been working on it in the 4 months but not as much as I should have been. And, you think I should kind of show him I miss him? I've been no contact with him since the day it happened. I really appreciate your answer though.

    • Yeah. Having your own space to become more relaxed and figure out the type of person/girlfriend that you are and want to be. A little space never killed anybody.
      And I thought you had minimal contact? If you aren't trying to talk to him then that's great. Like, don't contact him unless you're ready or he talks to you.
      I've just been through a rough break up myself and at first i had the idea that he'd take me back and we'd be okay and I'll just wait. But when I realized what I was doing to myself, I couldnt continue to try and pursuit anything. I realized that i needed to work on things as a girlfriend/person and I shouldn't focus on guys at the moment.
      Use this time to heal and become whole again. Don't wait for someone to take you back and feel whole. I'm not saying to do what did or think the way i do, just don't be afraid of being by yourself or looking elsewhere. (This is long sorry).

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  • I think after 4 months it's fine to throw something out there..
    ONLY if you think your head can handle his response not being positive, otherwise your back to the headspace you were 4 months ago

  • My girlfriend dumped me 5 months ago I ran into her. I was just honest. Told her I miss her asked how things are going. I think there is a dideference between saying I miss you in a crying tone asking for em back and then the casual yeah I still think about you.


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  • Stop contacting him. LEAVE HIM ALONE! If he wanted you he would have made it known. It's over. I hope you are not expecting anything to happen from him just flirting with you


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