How did u feel after u got a dream like this?

I sleep. Then dream about a man liking me like crazily in love with me. I don't even know who this guy is but he seems quite familiar. He did almost anything to win me. But i am weirded out by this because in that dream i think that why did this guy like me? Why he chose me out of the other girls? Is he playing with me? Wait, this cant't be true. Although I like this guy a bit, but because I am shocked, I pushed him away.

Waking up from sleep. I realised. How bad I am feeling about myself. Even a dream of someone liking me is considered a strange thing. I sit quietly on my bed thinking how low my self esteem falls as time goes by. I can't even get the sane thoughts when someone like me.

I guess that is what a girl like me who never has anybody confessing their love to feel as time goes by. And I am sad about that.


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  • Get a grip! I never had a single boyfriend or any guy for that matter, tell me they love or like me. True, i feel lonely sometimes but I don't sabotage my self-esteem.
    It's just a dream, sometimes we wake up from weird dreams and we feel really confused, just have a cup of your favorite hot drink, take a shower and listen to some soothing music and you'll feel better instantly!


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