How to get even with a LDR ex bf?

We dated 3 months in these three months he was nice at first but become a douche in the end and he started hurting my ego and putting me down every time my self esteem shattered completely. I feel damaged he kept calling me fat and ugly and now I started believing that. I feel I am not good enough for any guy out there. i was always encouraging and nice to him but I don't believe I deserve this. We broke up 3 weeks ago. He still hasn't deleted me from fb or Instagram. He lives 5 hours away from me. Yday I contacted him for the First time. I called him and he saw my calls came online on but never replied. I feel like shit and I have been crying my ass off. can anyone out there help me how to get even with this guy? Why is he still friends with me on social media when he doesn't wanna talk to me?
How can I make him jealous or make him want me back? I want him to comeback and beg me. I want to get even.
i know you guys will call me immature and what not and tell me to move on and live better but I don't want to hear that. I was the most matured person handling the situation until
now but I just cannot take it anymore. Please guys and girls help me get even with this guy so I can have peace of my mind. I am literally broken and shattered. My self esteem and confidence is 10 feet underground.


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  • Revenge isn't the answer. Anger shows he won. Best thing to do is live your life a better yourself and be happy.

    • But this is LDR should I delete him from my social media? I contacted him yday after 3 weeks he dumped me. I called him twice but he never replied back. Why? Is he over me already? How can I make him want me back?

    • Why would you want to but effort to do all that. It won't make you feel any better even though you think it will. Focus your energy on yourself and getting back to how you was before you met him. Delete him and block him on everything and erase him from your life.

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