Dating two girl at the same time and want to break up with one of them, How?

I'm dating two girls and love both of them but think its time to select between them. I didn't decide yet but want to know how to break up when its time come.
Also there could be a risk and I fear to break up with one of them and then she tell the other girl about that and I end up alone. Because they know eachother but don't know that I'm dating them both.


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  • Well personally what you done will never ever turn out right no matter what you do. You nasically cheated on both of them with each other wth

    • Wrong or not it happened and I can't fix the past but can make a decision for future.

    • Its depends on who you "select" and who you ditch. You need to be sensitve ya know... who do you see forgiving you the most?

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  • Relationships aren't for selfish people.
    You shouldn't be in one in the first place.
    All I am getting from this post is, "I I I me me me".
    Leave them both and work on yourself.

    • I'm not that much selfish and ready for relationship and settle down just get in this hard situation, want to end up with one of them by marry her.

  • I feel I might be in this type of situation too... but you may lose both... because if I found out this is happening to me I'm done.

  • You're the reason so many women can't trust.. You need to be alone and get yourself together before hopping into any relationship.

    • Don't want to be alone I was ready to settle down but it happened this way.

    • That's just not a mature way of doing things.. It puts a damper on your character as coming off like the bad guy (even if that's not who you are). You don't need two women at the same time in order to find the one. It only makes things more complicated for them and yourself. If they're both friends they will find out and it won't be good for you!

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