My ex called and we have been broken up for two months, no calls or text, was it bad if I sounded happy when he called? I was already happy?

I been doing through it past couple months and sad that he didn't call, but he did today, did I ruin my chances of him wanting to be with me? Although he called to ask how me and the kids were, he told me he had his kids something and I told him he could meet me Monday to give it to me, I kind of think he just wanted to slick see how I was I haven't called him or anything I was begging a while ago to be with him and I started the no contact


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  • bad? actually it's really good... means u still care about him... but i believe it'd be good to get back together again since u have kids wid him

    • That's the thing, he hasn't been calling or texting me for a few months, I had been begging for us to be back together and he always says he wants to stay single and that I haven't changed but for him to call out the blue that gives me hope that maybe he will think of getting back with me, I will see him Monday but I won't bring up the relationship I dont know what to do, cause he is so stubborn but I do think maybe I was on his mind for him to call out the blue he hasn't called or text but once a month and that's to come pick up money for the kids but I dont know maybe he is thinking of putting his family back together, dont want to get too happy cause I dont know, he has ignored me this long until today

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    • Not really, but action speak louder than words and I think I love him more out of our nine years, it seems he doesn't care and he shows it by not contacting me, if you love someone why not call or save the relationship , we been split up almost six months now and he still isn't making us official, I have put in more effort , If I need to be more patient I will but the more time goes by he may want someone else then I will really feel bad

    • "it seems he doesn't care and he shows it by not contacting me, if you love someone why not call or save the relationship "

      ^indeed... but as i said above... he might be xpectin from u... :|

      "we been split up almost six months now and he still isn't making us official, I have put in more effort "

      ^ah i see... if u actually put effort and still nothing... then i'm afraid he doesn't care much about u...

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  • No, 'Bad,' @leileiladybug, but just this tone to let it be Known perhaps, that you are doing Fine without him around all of the time.
    As long as you didn't sound desperate or clingy, I see no big deal. In meeting up 'Monday to give it to me,' he may Suggest, out of the blue, getting together to Reminisce a bit and this means Getting... Cozier.
    It doesn't mean That would be any sort of sign for reconciliation but just to keep it simple with a Friends with benefits sort of factor, which if so, you should think long and hard about Not opening the fence to the other side of the pasture which isn't always greener.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Do you want to be with him? If so then go see him and talk to him. No need for games.

    • Seems like false alarm, he called me out the blue asking how I was doing and , I didn't have my car at the time but didn't tell him that, I told him I would meet him Monday and that was yesterday called him once no answer or call back then called today once and text once saying if he still want to meet for him to give me his babies things we could, no text or call back today, maybe I got my hopes up but sounds like he may just have someone else don't want to think that but what else could it be, he is off of work cause his car isn't out there so I mean what else could be taking his time I dont get it, nine years and it has to be like this

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    • Listen, you keep being yourself and if your happy he called or reached out then be happy. Be yourself! Often times insecure people will string you along and randomly reach to an ex for and ego boost or to know that you're still there. It's their way of injecting themselves into your life and a way for them to make you keep thinking of them. It's very selfish. You play this game for as long as you like but don't be his doormat. He ended it so now he has to deal with the outcome. Be strong girlfriend and remember it would be no problem for him to reach out to you if he wanted too

    • Thank you, so what should I do, just stay humble? Do you think he will eventually want us to be together again, I know we did love each other, but he is prob scared that the police will be involved I went to his job he didn't see me but he looks awfully stressed, I think he wants to be with me but trying to get over me cause the police were involved last time and someone made it seem I called them so I think he just wants to stay out of trouble but I do love and miss him I just hope we still have a chance, I dont want him to feel I am blowing him up I only called one time and the next day one time followed by one text I use to blow his phone up so I'm glad I dont do that anymore, I'm just not sure what's in his mind right now he knows I love him so why won't he just make it work

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