Does he still have feelings for me?

my ex boyfriend broke up with me 6 months ago, i got depressed cuz i thought we were good he took me to his place to met his family we spent christmaa and new year together and he just broke up with me out of the blue he said he wasn't ready for a relationship then i tried to move on and hang out with another guys n friends, i deleted his number facebook and pics ;we were together for 4 months then he just texted me 3 days ago after no contact he asked me to go out and i was scared cuz i realized i still have feelings for him we went to the movies yesterday he tried to hold my hand n kissed me but i didn't know what to do cuz i knew we werent boyfriend and girlfriend anymore and after the movie he took me home and he kissed me i couldnt resist and he told me we should hang out more often maybe next week and i said yes but today he hasn't text me i don't know what to think


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  • He might think he has feelings for you, but he will dump your ass again sooner or later when something else comes along. He doesn't want to be loanly but your not good enough to take him off the market - that is what he is telling you! If you're ok with that then go for it but don't go into it hoping he will fall for you

    • Wow. Not good enough to take him off the market? How dare you. That's very harsh!

    • It's a harsh reality but that's exactly what he's telling you without "telling" you! It an immature mans way of doing things.. Move on you can do better!

    • It was just an observation, I'm not saying your not good enough! Just that his actions are saying that. I've never wanted to be with somebody and made up excuses not to be. If you want to be with somebody you just are... Any hesitation is a bad sign!

      I wouldn't try and put you down. Not sayin he is better than u, actually quite the opposite, as it comes across that he is using you.

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  • yes he does.


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  • He doesn't want to seem pushy

    • i texted him todat to say hi but he didn't reply i ll try to forget about him

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    • Because that is the game that people play. Do right by yourself. Mail the letter or send a text. Wait to see what happens and try to relax and hang out with friends and family. I'm going through the same thing since April

    • ill wait to text him until tom and ill see what happen

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