I want her back but I don't know what to do.

me and this girl broke up on thanksgiving... we have known each other for well over a year, I met her through her brother. ok so in august we started talking a lot like everyday stayed up hours talking on the phone then we both found out that we both liked each other for sometime now but she had a boyfriend and neither of us knew that we like one another.. then they broke up and little by little we got to know each other really good an then I asked her to go out wit me and she gladly said yes. it was a long distance relationship it was my first time for all of this but I went wit it cause I had strong feelings for her.. we would talk all the time and flirted a lot... then I for thanksgiving I told her I was going to see my dad and I was going to pass by to see her and she wanted to see me and she told me that she wanted me to meet her family so wen I got there and met her family I was a little nervous cause she had only told her mom about me and not her dad so I was there but I was trying not to show her to much affection cause I didn't know what her dad was gonna say. it was all good until I was bout to leave she went in for the kiss and I kissed her back but we both felt a little awkward but I didn't think nothing of it I said I was gonna spend all of saturday with her but then the next day she told that she expected more from wen we kissed and I the same she said we should be freinds again and see if what happens. I said OK but on saturday her cousin introduced her to some guy and now they been seeing each other.. but what I don't get is that before I that kiss she told me she loved me and that I was everything she was looking for and that I made her the happiest girl in the world why did she say that to me and then broke up and is dating someone else so quick. I been wanting to tell her how I really feel about her but I have a feeling its just gonna be a waste of my time now I been pretending like its not really bothering me but it hurts so f***in much and everyday I think about her and I want her back but I don't know what to do

should I try to get her back or let her go.. advise needed from both woman and men please

should I still be friends with her?


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  • You have to let her go. Basically, she was in love with the IDEA of you. Yeah you talked and everything, but since you were long distance she never really built that attraction you get from actually seeing someone and being around them. Once you two were actually together, she just didn't have the feelings and attraction she was expecting. Sorry, but move on from this girl. You won't be getting her back.


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