Good ways of talking to an ex again?

This is meant for people who are for staying friends with exs and/or have the slightest intention of getting back together with an ex only.

Have you guys ever successfully reconnect with an ex, whether on friendly/romantic basis? If so, how did you do it?

P/S: I've refrained saying "I miss you" to my ex probably more than a million times, just because I think it doesn't help the situation, although it still hurts me not being able to say so til today :(


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  • My ex and I reconnected few weeks ago. We were together 3 years and he broke up with me 4 months ago because he lost interest. We were in a LDR. I don't really know if what we do now is on a friendly basis or is it going somewhere, but we talk every day. It started with him initiating contact more often until he asked me to play an online video game together, and now we play every day. He teases me and flirts with me and he is acting like we are together, still calling me baby and stuff like that. But me, on the other hand, I think I lost my feelings for him. For 4 months all I wanted was exactly this, for him to call me and change his mind and get back together. Now that it happened I just can't seem to look at him the same anymore. I'ts not that I am afraid of getting hurt again it's that I don't care. He can't hurt me anymore because I don't care which means I don't love/like him anymore. It's really sad. I guess I could fall in love again with him if he put a romantic effort, but he is not. So I'm safe to say that becoming friends with him made me get over him.

    • Why does this all sound so sad?

      Have you tried dating or seeing someone else at least since you guys broke up?

    • I think its kind of sad because her relationship with him has changed and has been reduced to video games, at least, that is the way the answer seems to read (sorry if I'm wrong by the way @little_bird1).

    • that sounds great even if it's sad in a way, you can move on now at least without wondering what if. And if he ever broaches the subject, you can say you're just friends.

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