Girls, ex texted me late at night?

A couple of days ago my ex texted me at around 3am, after 2 weeks of not talking, asking if she could talk to me as she was going through a withdrawal. She started using cocaine after the breakup & is hooked. I gave her advice, but she used anyways. I did not make any notice on social media to show her I was up at that time, so she sent it not knowing. Why, out of her friends & family & even other exes, text me at that hour asking for help with her problem? She's all over the place, in regards to attitude towards me due to drug use, I'm assuming.


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  • Emotional manipulation or otherwise totally unaware of the time due to drug use I'd guess

  • Well did you respond to her cry for help?

    • Yes, I gave her advice, checked on her the next day (around 3am again) and she said she couldn't talk to me because she was at her dealers house. I left her a voicemail the same morning reminding her of her career goals that she had when we dated, etc. she called back, said she didn't recognize my number & tried to drag a conversation on the phone with me I. e. "Talk to me, my friends leaving so we can talk right now". That ended in a text argument.

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    • I know, everybody tells me to stop wasting my time, but 2 months ago this girl was my everything, why do that? But they make valid points, I can't help someone that doesn't want help

    • That's true so you can only be there for her when she asks you for help

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