Would you respond to an EX that emailed you 'going to drop off your stuff tomorrow'?

You have been ignoring any form of contact with the EX including his birthday for three weeks. He then sends you an email telling you that he will "leave your things on your doorstep tomorrow or the day after at a time where it won't disturb you".

Would you maintain silence? Or at least communicate on a basic level as to what you want him to do with the stuff?

Why would you maintain silence? Because you have moved on? Or because it hurts?

So I left her stuff on her doorstep this afternoon.


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  • i'd say thanks as least, to be civil.

    • I guess she doesn't want to be civil then? Because she has ignored it.

      I wonder if that means she just plain doesn't care at all.

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    • Okay thanks.

      I will just leave it there and leave so she doesn't have to see me. I prefer not seeing her either when she clearly doesn't want to see me.

    • thanks for mho.
      hope everything worked out with you dropping her stuff off :)

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  • I would be just like..

    "Ok cool, sounds good. Drop my things on my doorstep between 11am-2pm"

    And bam finished. You don't have to make it awkward, nor do you need to be a stuck up rude person about it. Just be cool, calm and collected.

    • You think my ex is rude for not responding to my email notifying her? Anyway I dropped it off and left as quick as I could.

    • I would reply so I know when not to be at my house lol

      Good thinking.

  • I would say thanks, because literally I've been asking him to give me my crap for so long and he's been out of the country! lol

  • Depends on how the breakup went. If he screwed me over, shitted all over me, and gave me a reason to ignore him then I will maintain silence.

    Personally, I would maintain silence because once someone screws me over, shits all over me, or hurts me, I am DONE. I stop giving them my focus, energy, effort, and even the tiniest ounce of time. I am one of those people where you can expect to be dead to me if you disrespect me on a certain level or stab me in the back. When I take someone off my radar, I don't give them any opportunity to get back on.

    • Did not screw over. Found dating sites in her browser bar on her laptop whilst using it and her explanation was 'hackers'.

      Both did not want to break up, but she did not want to prove it by logging in and showing me.

      But perhaps she has creatively made me the badguy in her mind and holds a grudge.

  • It's called no contact. Which is 100% normal after the end of relationship. Just drop her stuff off at her door and don't knock. Let it go.


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  • If you want your stuff back in one piece, then yes.

    Grow up a little. The SILENT game is for little kids.

    • Well it's my ex being silent. She did say "I think we should limit contact from now on". So it's not without a 'warning'.

      Left her stuff in a bag on her doorstep.

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