Should I call my ex?

Me and this girl was in relationship for about 6 months. She was kinda hated by other guys saying she is self oriented and some told me even she will use people. But then one day she asked me out and holding my hand and she was crying to accept her as my girl friend.

With time I said Yes and we were in relationship. As the time goes we end up fighting a lot. Earlier she told me stories about how her parents treated her and how much she loves me.

But then she started to ignore me and she started to spend more time with her family and above all she kind of lost interest in me.

First she broke up with me and told me I don’t’ give her enough space. I was crying and begging for her to love me back. Later one day she told me I have nothing that she expects from a guy starting from I can’t speak good English and my skin color is comparatively darker than hers, and she is looking for a hot sleek guy. Her room mate told me she is telling all these because only those are the things she can say to break up with you.

But she wanted me to be her friend. Even after break up we went out and had lunch etc etc. of course on my money. She asked me for loan to buy books etc etc and I did everything but even then she always found mistakes in me and she never appreciated what I do for her.

Now she got loads of friends even guys going behind her. I helped her to bring up her morale and her self confidence...

Few weeks back we had a fight and end up in a big fight where we both said things that’d hurt each other. I kind of stopped the fight even though I can say thousand things to hurt her.

After that she called me only twice and asked me few favors. Actually she had my pen drive and she owe me $400. So when she came to my city last week she called me to give my pen drive back to me. But I was away from town that day so I couldn’t meet her. I told her I get it from you tomorrow. That night I called her to knw the plan tomorrow but she didn’t answer the call.

It's been a week since I talked with her. Yesterday I called her and the first question she asked is “What’s the problem?”

Then I said “What? Problem?, I called to wish your sis on her birthday” and I cut the phone.

Now I miss her like hell, but it seems she don’t miss me at all. I’m so desperate to call her but my friends are saying don’t call. Just let it go.. she don’t deserve you pal.. wot to do… it’s been 8 months since we broke up.. still it hurts….

She just called me... and told me that she'll give me my pen drive tomorrow as she is coming to my city tomorrow. I think I'm gonna ask her for my money too.
thanks guys for your answers. she came and gave me my pen drive back. She talked as nothing happened but she kept her distance. and even without a hug we parted.anyway I didn't ask for the money.. I'm just gonna try and forget money


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  • Wow there a lot of sh*t that made this relationship go bad...sorry but here it goes...

    1. She doesn't respect you...Why? because you let her walk all over you...letting her say "she told me I have nothing that she expects from a guy starting from I can’t speak good English, etc.) to you. I would have dumped her right then and there.

    2. She wanted you to be her friend after the breakup and you let it happen. Again, you did favors for her thinking that she would come around to you, but she lost respect for you because you treated her like she was on a pedestal. Bad move.

    3. She doesn't deserve you. People said she uses people and what did she do...she used you.

    So the relationship was not great from both of need to get a backbone and she needs to learn what compassion is...she learn when she get's into her later 30's when the age factor let's her think twice...

    You on the other hand need to learn that if a girl doesn't respect you, then she can't be attracted to assertive, take charge, and lead the situation (a new date/outing) in what ever it is. You need to simply work on yourself for right now. Get some MAJOR confidence back (sometimes harder done then said) like working out, having a solid friendship base (with your bros), and concentrating on you.

    "It's not about being the nice guy or the bad boy; it's about being the real man."

    - epic quote I will never forget...


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  • First Off. . It Is Very Hard To Let Someone Go. I Have Def Been There And Still Am Going Through It. Your Relationship Seems Like Its Contained A lot Of Heart Ache. You May Love This Girl But From What I See She Doesn't Care As Much About You As You Do Her And That Just Isn't Right.

    You Can't Continue To Give And Give In A Relationship And Not Get Anything Back. It Sounds To Me Like You Would Have Done ANYTHING For Her And She Can't See That. All She Can Do Is Take Your Money And Say That She Can't Be With You For Reasons That Just Aren't A Reason To Break Up With Someone.

    If She Can't Love You Because Your Speach, Skin Color Or Looks Then She Doesn't Deserve You And The Only Reason She Is Stickin Around Is For Your Money And The Objects You Are Providing To Her. Which Is Indeed Really Wrong, She Is Taking Advantage Of You.

    I Would Talk To Her About Giving You The Money Back That You Loaned. She Should Have Enough Respect To Give It Back. I Wouldn't Cause To Big Of A Deal Cause Its Not Really Worth It. Money Is Money And Its Replaceable But It Never Hurts To Ask Or Try. I Bailed One Of My Ex's Outta Jail $450. . Do You Ever Think I Seen That Money Again? After He Stated He Would Pay It Back. . . And That Was About 2 Years Ago. Ha Ha. But I Never Really Said Anything Cause Its Just Money Sucks. . But What Can You Do.

    You Seem Like A Sweet Guy That Needs A Good Girl Not One That Walks All Over You And Is Using You. You Should Move On. I Know Its Hard BUT There Is A Girl Out There Waiting For You So That You Can Give Her Your Love And The World And She Will Be The Happiest Girl EVER! Get Your Stuff Back And Walk Away. The Days Will Get Better And It Will Make You Stronger.

    Hope This Helped. Good Luck! <3.

    • Thankz buddy... each and every word you said meant a lot to me... thankz a lot.

      Itz been another week I didn't call her, and not gonna ask for the money.. let the sink with that money.. but will not do any favour for her in future.

      thankz a lot.. love ya buddy.

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    • Itz been almost 3 months now.. me on my own way. Almost moved on.. thankz a lot :)

    • Your Welcome! Glad To Hear It!! :)

  • if you actually gave her money then maybe you are entitled to it back but you bought lunch for her, that was your choice to do so. I'm just saying it might be diffficult to take it back. Also, yeah find another girl who'll respect you more.

  • It's kind of hard to come to term with things when someone you love so much throws it all back in your face.

    You should insist that you get your money back, especially if it was a loan. She may become a bit vicious about it but half expect that, she will make you think that you are the guilty party in all this and she may just come out with something along the lines of 'all you care about is money'. When she has realised what she has lost she may to manipulate you in to thinking it was all a mistake...don't get sucked in dude.

    You treated her well and yes she used you but it's her loss. Concentrate on other things in your life which are more important. With time things will get better.

    • Yeah she did make me feel like I'm the one did all the mistake.. etc etc.. thankz a lot buddy for the advice.. I"m moving on...

  • okay don't call this chick! she needed a reason to break up with you soo she made up some pretty lame ones. but that means that you must be a really good boyfriend and she couldn't even come up with one flaw! get ur money and get out and over her! she is no good you are way better!

  • It can be. "I'm gay", is sometime a brushoff too, but at least it's better that listing all of the reasons they aren't into you.

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  • i would say really just get ur money back and move on.yea its hard and you miss her like hell but seriously I see it as she used u.yet she was the one wanting you and then she breaks up with you wtf is that.listen to ur friends they the ones that will help and decide what's best for you since if they know you real well they wouldn't want their buddy to suffer.seen that happen a few times and its so not worth the effort

    • I agree with moving on, but I doubt this girl is ever going to pay him back unless a miracle happens.

    • He he she never gave me the money back :)

  • Quotes from your "story":

    - she started to ignore me

    - I helped her to bring up her morale and her self confidence...

    - It's been a week since I talked with her.

    - she owe me $400

    - it seems she don’t miss me at all.

    [Reality-Check] ::

    Move on, the chick was using you and leaving you "out to dry".

    Case closed, this girl isn't worth the effort - she doesn't care about you man.

    Save your effort for someone that will reciprocate these feelings, not borrow money and tell you to F off like your a pest or something

    Don't allow yourself to be walked on, you know she's using you - so move on.

    Best regards,


    • Thanks bro.. datz a good piece of advice.. thankz buddy. I'm really moving on

  • i think there is so much problems in this relationship. the boat was sinking before it even left the marina. Move on!

    • True.. one of my friends saw her with me when we were in relationship. Next day he ran to me and asked me.. buddy is that your girl friend you were with? I said "No" and winked. He said "if it's not her then, I'll be happy" and he walked away... I just got the meaning of what he said only now. :)

      thankz for the advice.. I'm really moving on buddy.

  • Bro, screw this one. Out sight, out of mind. This is a real she-jerk. :p

  • Ignore her. Drop ALL contact with her. If she begs you to comeback ignore her. She's never going to give you your money back so just drop her from your life.There's nicer girls out there. Don't waste your time.


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