Should I contact my ex about getting back together?

We broke up a few weeks ago over a fight. We had a happy relationship, but we had flaws. He felt like I didn't trust him about living with a female stripper next year and I felt like sometimes he didn't consider my feelings. We broke up after a big misunderstanding: I was upset he didn't acknoledge we had plans one night, even though he was trying to make plans for the weekend, I said this type of behavior is stressing me out and I need space for a second. He didn't respond. He didn't go to my housewarming party the next day even though he was invited. I askedh him the next day if he wants to break up or not. He said he still wants to go to the party he was talking to me about. I said no, come get your things. He comes, says it's not working out because this is going to happen again. I didn't get his text after I said I needed space, he let me read it from his phone and I felt bad and said I'm sorry I misunderstood the situation, and apologized for acting so harshly, I've never acted like that before. I said let's just talk it out, move on from it and start fresh. He wanted time to think and said he'd let me know in a few days.

5 days go by, and he hadn't said anytihng. I needed to know where he stood bc I bought expensive tickets to a concert a while back for us to go to. I called him, he said he misses me but he thinks this is going to happen again. He'd known for a couple of days. These scuffles we had were only happening these past two weeks. He said I was insecure about the stripper thing and that he "tried to help me" and I didn't trust him. I said I would going forward bc I was wrong to him about that. I didn't want to throw away a happy relationship over this. He wouldnt' budge.

Initially I was upset and he said he wouldn't hold it against me. However I said it's no hard feelings and I accept our breakup. He apologized for doing it on the phone and wished me well.

I miss him a lot and I don't see why this warrented a breakup. How can I convince him.


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  • The person who is your ex is usually an ex for a reason and he keeps saying it will happen again so why do you not believe him when he says this will happen again?

    • But there's been no proof that it would happen again...

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    • But you're right, his mind is pretty much made up I think.

    • Yeah I think it is made up as well. You did the hard thing, but it is what is best for you since he will not respond. You did your best and you tried. Every relationship has lessons to teach us, so take the lessons from this relationship and use them in your next one. Best of luck to you Miss :) <3

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  • dont contact him!


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  • No, it sounds like he's made up his mind. Sorry :( Best to move on from here I think.


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