Have you ever had a dream about your ex?

Oh my god worst dream ever. I was with a mutual friend and my ex posted somwthing kn her social media in which my mutual friend could see. Was her at Disneyland with amother guy. I made my mutual friend comment asking who that was. Ex responded boyfriend. It sunk it and just killed my inside. Then I made my mutual friend dig deeper saying oh how did you meet? My ex said at work 7 months ago ay work. She broke up with 5 months ago.

Even though it's most likely not the case that she left me for someone else it just kills me inside. Literally this dream killed me inside. Anyone else have a dream like this?
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  • Dreams often say things that Could be A... Warning.
    I still have a husband out in Egypt that is an "EX" today and tomorrow we are Kissing and Makingup which is this Full Circle Problem with us Continuously.
    I have Not been back to see him or to be with him in a long time, due to the problems out in the Middle East, which have become Worse over the last few years as we all know. Plus in our Own marriage, Personal problems have escalated.
    long story short, I have Had Two bad dreams which I contribute to Omens for me. A few years ago, One wa about when I was in a room full of strange Egyptian people I did not know, just his mom. She was sitting in this place that looked like it was being renovated or something, with a plate consisting of: One hard boiled egg and this was what she was splitting with me. She looked mad at me, and all the while, I kept looking for my husband in the room, no where to be found.
    I woke up... The dream was much like the way it was when I was living in Egypt with him and his family. Renovations, I had Found out, weird as it sounds, was when his aunt and uncle were building a new house on top of the one that they had taken down..
    The last One I had a few weeks back was when I was in Egypt and ISIS was chasing me and telling me I could not go back home. They wanted to kill me and kept trying to find me. They said to me: We told you not to come here but you did anyway...
    Dreams can Have their meanings and in your case, you just... Don't know or what signs this was for you even. It could be too that the both of you will one day speak or something more in store, who knows.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I've dreamed about my exes, but not in a weird way, just the typical dreams you have of people you know and have spent time with.


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  • Unfortunately, yes.

    Most recently, the dream seemed to come from the fact that I miss what I used to have with him–not even a relationship–I missed who he used to be to me. He's not the same person I met 5 years ago and I understand folks change–especially around our age–but he changed for the worse, not better.

  • Yes. I had a dream about my current boyfriend and my ex and we were running through the sewers of like 19th century England and people were trying to shoot us and my ex hid behind my boyfriend and I jumped in front of both of them and took a bullet straight through my shoulder and the bullet landed in my boyfriend's chest and he died and my ex ran away and I just bled out.

    It was weird. :P

  • I've had a few and it's put me in a shit mood the next day. I wonder if my ex dreamt of me and how that made him feel.

  • My dreams are rare and not so bad.
    My ex did the same thing even worse
    was shopping all the time we dated & then married
    usually on "night out with pals" that begins with flirting, then...
    So feel BLESSED you are so young w/o kids she made the break and you are no longer with a liar, free to try again your powers of choosing The One that cares enough to tell the truth and make you happy.
    Go look at that photo again and say a prayer "Thank God, I am NOT him!"

  • Yes and i like it. It was funny🙈


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