How to let him know I like him?

In a guys perspective-- what is a way that you would want to find out that a girl likes you?


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  • [( Here's an example conversation )]

    "Hi, what's your name?"


    "James, my name is sarah."

    (Hi sarah, how are you)

    "I'm good, yourself?"

    (Fairly well)

    "That's good. Do you have anything planned today?"

    (Not really, why?)


    At this part of the conversation is

    where you strike at his attention.

    Here's the part you were asking for:


    "I find you attractive and would like to go on a date with you" (he starts to blush)

    (Cool, let's go see a movie)



    So basically, you would go out there and mention your interest and the way you feel - but allow us to be a man, by leading you and courting you throughout the dating experience.

    Best regards,


    • Ha that's rlly kind of blunt and out there ...

      not everyone can do that..

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    • Well I'm pretty shy around him..

    • Follow the advice, he will find it as a very thoughtful / sincere movement being as you are shy.

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