Guys, if she never talked to you again would it bother you?

If you had a girlfriend who you thought, thought you were her whole world. She was a little clingy and needy at times and a little jealous over you. If you fought over her being jealous and decided to dump her afterwards would you expect to hear from her? Would you think she'd beg for another chance and if she didn't would you be kind of shocked. If you dumped her and she never talked to you again, how would you feel?
More so, would you expect her to put up a fight?


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  • I'd be a little bit shocked if she didn't try and come back for another chance, and it would bother me if she stopped talking to me.


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  • i would expect that and if she didn't talk to me again i would figured she never really liked me

  • if youhave loved him really you wouldn't be asking such questions


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