He said that she is where I should have been? :/?

My ex split up with me in Jan of this year and got married in June. We share out son together. Whenever we say each other he always looks at me angry. So, today we actually talked and he told me how his wife is great and how he loves her to death and she is where I should have been in terms of him marrying her. I am hurt by this and trying my best not to let it get to me, but it does hurt me. I was was his for 4 years and nothing.


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  • Hmmm. He married awfully soon after your breakup! I'm not so sure I would take this personally. He sounds like he may be living in fantasy land for now! In the mean time you should focus on yourself and personal growth. Sadly a lot of people skip this part after a breakup which ultimately leads them back in the same situation. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens to him!


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  • This is just a mean revenge thing he said. Nobody in their right mind meets someone and marries them in a matter of a few months. He is fuck up in the head and you should be glad to be free of him.

    • lol i dunno about that. It hurts a little. I cope the best i can. It's life though right

  • Okay and what's the question?

    • why would he do that

    • He's just saying he's moved on and he's happy.
      You should do the same.

    • i am sorry i have been drinking a little, lolo

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  • Tell him everyone has a FIT
    so be glad you tried to FIT his needs for FOUR damn years
    and wish HE would have tried as hard as you to FIT YOUR needs
    Then... glad you are blessed, please pray I will be just as happy someday.


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