Will she forgive me?

I helped a friend by loaning our (me and my gf) money. I did not ask. I owned it when she asked me about it. It's been a week. This Monday past she said it was over. We've been together for 2.5 years. First mistake I ever made. The amount of money was only a few hundred dollars. I can make that money up in literally 2 days. She says I betrayed her trust. I get that and understand that. I told her I'm sorry and sincerely meant that. So I've been out the house for a week. Every few days, she will message me by texting. She rubs it in my face and won't tell me anything else. I've already said sorry and meant that. I owned it. I asked her for forgiveness and she said time will tell. But yet all she can do when she text me is rub it in my face and say how hurt and angry she is. I told her all I can do is show you that I won't do this again. Actions do speak louder than words. I told her take her time and space. I can't fix anything if she can't begin to forgive me. I'm hurt as well and I know why. I know what I have to do. She always end the text by saying she is aggravated ttyl or I'm done talking for now. Once again all she does is rub it in my face, I've told her this. It won't change what happened. She told me today that time will tell with your integrity. Ok, if I can't be home with you and the kids then how can I show this? How can I show I'm sincerely sorry and not do this again? Which I won't. One mistake cost me my world. I told myself I'd give myself a month, but I honestly don't know exactly what I'm trying to show her. I made a mistake, I screwed up, I owned it. I know it won't happen again. But why torment me if I'm willing to to prove to you all of this? If it's over why say ttyl? Why rub it in my face every few days? She has done far worse things to me and I simply let it go. It's what you do when you love someone. Forgive and believe it won't happen again.

Any thoughts will help please.


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  • Wait, so you loaned one of your friends a few hundred dollars without asking your girlfriend. That's the problem? How long have you lived together? When you say "kids", are they you and your girlfriend's children together? It just seems from how you describe the story, she has and is majorly over-reacted to this situation. Sure, you should've discussed loaning the money to your friend with her if it is indeed her money, too, but to end a two-year relationship with someone over this, seems a little over-board. Has there been something in the past that has been done by you that would cause this to be a deal-breaker the way she has made it?

    • Yes I know it was a problem. We've been living together for a year and they are her kids. I've never done anything in the past to cause this. NEVER. I do feel she went overboard with it. It was our money. It wasn't just hers. All I hear from her is you broke my trust. I'll be honest I don't know how much more of this I can take. I've owned my wrong doing. It hurts every time she text me. No phone call, no seeing me in person. Longest week of my life. This isn't the first time I've had a relationship with heart break. But I really really feel this one. You have to understand everything with her is extreme. Black and white, no grey areas. Everyday I'm losing hope and one step closer to giving up. I'm tired of feeling like this. I'm may deserve this, but if she can't let go, then I have to

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    • If I was in love with my live-in boyfriend, I wouldn't want to take the risk of flipping out over something like this, kicking him out and telling him it's over, unless I was not scared that he might not come back. So, either she knows she's "got you where she wants you" and you'll be her whipping dog to treat however she likes, or she doesn't really care if you come back when she's through with her temper tantrum. Or, maybe she used this small little thing to get you out, b/c she doesn't really want you around anymore.
      If she contacts you, you need to tell her that since she broke up with you, the only reason she should contact you is if she's had a change of heart about being together, otherwise you won't respond because at this point, all she is doing is trying to hurt you, not solve anything as a couple. Anyway, good luck to you!

    • im starting to think this

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  • I hope she forgives you especially since she has done far worse things. Hopefully she comes around and realizes how ridiculous she is acting and lets you back in since you will never do it again


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  • i hope she does man good luck!


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