How do you let go of someone you truly love?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago and I tried to move on but its so hard because he still contacts me. Sometimes he acts like he wants me back then he backs of leaving me hurt all over again. I want to block him but the thought of doing so makes me really sad. When I asked him last week what he wanted with me and he wouldn't answer. How do I let go when I love this man so much?


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  • You'll just have to let it go. It's hard but but you know he not giving you the love you want. It will hurt to not receive the love you are looking for from him and it will also hurt to not be with the person. So either way you will hurt but by taking control of your life to stop him from hurting you is the best choice. As long as you play his game he plays you will never be able to stop hurting because he's just playing with your emotions.

    • Very true, I know that even though it will hurt to walk away I have to because it hurts even the way he is treating me. Thanks for the help ☺️

    • No problem, I hope everything work out for you and you will find true love.

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  • You don't they're forever marked in your heart

  • distract yourself.