My mom won't let me date until I'm 17.

How do I convince her otherwise. I'm 16 now and 17 is about 6 months away.

Its ridiculous how long I have to wait, I have dated about 3 guys before and she didn't seem to have a problem with that. Something happened and I lost her trust quite a bit. I have been grounded for two months now and I haven't been able to hang out with anyone.

Does anyone have some good advice so she will let me date this amazing guy! He is leaving soon for college, he is a senior.

I want to show her that I'm mature and responsible. I stayed out past my curfew for a couple hours more than I should have. She over reacted and now she brought dating into my punishment. I was with a couple of my girl friends, no guys at all.


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  • disobeying the rules and arguing will NOT HELP YOU. but your mom may also be over protective like any good parent. you really can't do anything about it.

    but you can if you have a guy you like hang out with him during and after skool, "but don't break any rules and don't lie" I'm going to the library today to study. then hang out with the guy you like at the library. "corny example but not lieing"

    work on trying to get a boyfriend before you start arguing with your mother and take it how it comes.

    you will never be an adult if front of your mothers eyes even after you are married and have children, the reason is because she took care of you a good amount of your life. she has memories of you from just popping out, to dippers to having a first crush ect and so on.

    parents never see there children as individuals that are perfectly independent, it's been like that since the dawn of time

    good luck, ^_^d

    this coming from a guy who has taken care of children nearly his hole life


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  • if you lost her trust, it'll take you time to regain your ground but all you can do is try to plead your case in a mature way without getting angry or something

    unless you can do it behind her back anyways, you don't really get a choice when you're living under your parent's roof

    • Taking on more responsibilities around the house (don't go overboard to where you can't handle it), when you're angry or upset, don't lash out and try to abide by her rules as much as you can even if you think they suck will help you come across that you're trying to be more mature about your actions and choices

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