My ex called me and acted like my friend?

I don't understand why my ex called and acted pretty much like he's my brother. I miss him terribly, and he knows I do... I was calling him non stop for awhile, but gave up because it was obvious he didn't care. We were together for 4 and a 1/2 years... and it bothers me that he can call to 'check up on me' and tell me he loves me still... agggh why did he do that?!?


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  • It depends on how long you've been apart or if he's dating someone, but I feel that he's either keeping you on hold, or is interested in getting back together. MOST men would not entertain a friendship while still talking about their love for you. You know him best, but I think he's regretful. Break up's effect a guy a lot more than you'd think. I'd say they often effect men more than women, because men tend to get comfortable and enjoy the security. In other words, it's more difficult to move on.

    • Okay good to know!! We've broken up before. And gotten back together, it's just that this break up has been the longest... and I am the one who broke up with him. I feel we both had a lot of changes to make. All of our other conversations weren't so good, they usually ended in a fight. Soooo maybe it's a good sign? I mean, he asked if I have a boyfriend and said he got me something for Christmas....

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  • Everyone loves to be loved. On that note, he knows he can still feel that love from you.

    Now, for whatever reason he is doing this, ginuwinely cares and wants to see that you are alright, uses you to feed his ego, wants to keep you on a string, wondering why you stop calling him, etc. (depends on the guy and how he valued the relationship). You need to do what is best for you. Talking to him at this time and not having control of your emotions is not something I would recommend.

    Good luck to you.

    • Okay, so should I email him and tell him that I can't talk to him, and he should stop calling and leave me alone? Because... I was doing great for a wk and getting better and now that we talked I feel like I have to start all over again. It hasn't been easy for me, and I've been in bad shape. I don't want the email to feed his ego though, like you said...

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    • Well, when you stop calling is when you made him wonder about you. But I like mentioned it could that once he feels he has you, he turns is back. It's like he thinks he can come back anytime. I say this because of your comment, "you know well be back together we always are... or we might be together aain 1 day but you stress me out right now". Honestly, just leave him alone. If he values you, you'll hear from him. If not, then your better off. Don't waste your time on a has been.

    • I made the mistake and texted him last night and told him I lied when I said I was okay. Then I asked him not to talk to me anymore because it makes me worse when he does. He never responded. I will no longer answer his calls. I know if he cared he'd call a lot more or come see me. he IS dating a girl right now... who is ugly lol but he seems to like her. He's dated girls when we broke up in the past and came back to me.... so I dk. I just know if we were together again we'd get it right this time

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