Sad or depressed?

(13 year old girl) my parents have fought for many years and i wasn't really effected until this school year. i didn't do so well and i wasn't as happy as i used to be by the end of the year. in the beginning of summer i learned they would divorce and i was confused i guess and that's kinda where it went down hill. my moms eterny told my mom to go to court and ask to have my dad removed from my home because he wouldn't leave and wouldn't leave my mom alone. the police had to come to my house a few days ago and take him out of my house and he won't be with us for a week. then the court will decide if he can stay or not. lately i always feel like im going to cry, I've been very tired, and just been plain out moping. my mom told me im just like her where i bottle up my emotions to much but, I don't know really. (i also don't mind my dad not being here) my brother has anxiety, adhd, and od (optionitional defiance) and he's 9. so that's been stressful... so what's going on with me?


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  • Hello there, sorry ur going through a tough time
    If u feel u might be depressed please speak to a doctor. They are the only ones qualified to determine if its actual depression. All the best dear


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  • You're just sad.


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