Is it normal to go weeks without seeing an ex that you are trying to get back together with?


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  • Exs are exs for a reason... move on to someone else

    • No ex's get back together

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    • "I don't want to get back together now so I thought he meant he wanted to later on, right?"

      To me that means. I thought about and after thinking about it for a while I don't want to do it now, even though I was considering it.

      "Now he's acting a little different around me that tells me he wants to get back together now I believe"

      A little different around you now? I thought you said you hadn't seen each other in weeks?

      I promise you he has moved on, especially if he is close to our age. He doesn't see you as wife material.

    • What? He's more affectionate and everything with me now.

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  • Well, I would take that as an indication that they don't really want to get back together. Perhaps you ought to move on.

    • All the signs say that thew want to get back together?

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    • He doesn't know what he wants and is stringing you along for the ride. Let him figure his shit out first before you try to legitimately get back together.

    • We'll I thought he did considering he was acting like he liked me now.

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  • In that way you'll not get back together


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