My girlfriend and I are breaking up, but she doesn't want to let go. What do I do?

My girlfriend and I have been dating about 6 months. We've been happy, but we've been not getting a long a little. Two days ago she was upset with me because I wanted to leave at 2 am to go to sleep after I got food with her roommates. I explained that I had things I needed to do around the house and that I didn't want to wake up early and have to leave her house, waking her up. She said I was being selfish, but we patched things up.

Then last night she was angry with me, giving me one word answers when I was telling her about my day. All I said was that I was hanging out with my roommates and was trying to make plans with her for the weekend. She said she thought we had plans, and I told her I just forogt, I'd been playing poker. I asked if I could make it up to her and she said no, so I said again I'm sorry I should've said something and she said that I'm being inconsiderate and she needs space because it keeps happening. I texted her back and said that I didn't like that she's getting so emotional about things and it would help to say what's upsetting her instead of blowing up. Maybe space for a day would be good. She didn't answer.

A day went by and she texted me and asked if we're going to work on things or if I wanted to break up (?) and I said break up or not I'd like to be friends and still be there for her, because I do care about her. I wanted to still go to the party I was trying to make plans with her for and asked her to come along. Worst case scenario we do break up. She comes back and says I need to get my stuff from the porch. I'm like fine and I told her that I didn't want this to be this way and that I wasn't saying that "hey lets have fun one last time and then break up". I just wanted to not think about bad things, but ok, it's been fun and I wish you the best.

I just left her doorstep, she was crying and said she didn't get my response after she said she needed space and showed me her phone. It was true. But I don't think it's going to work


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  • This made my head spin. You need to get out... unless you are addicted to drama.


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  • If you don't think it's going to work end it. You may want to be friends but that won't happen instantly. She may need space for awhile. It sounds like you both have a lot going on and maybe a relationship isn't the best thing for you right now. There's nothing worse than staying with someone when you know it won't work out. You put an expiration date on it and start holding back and distancing yourself... The other person senses it and it winds up hurting tj more. It's better to just nip it in the butt and be done than to drag it out


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  • leave to be honest unless you dont want to


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  • Try giving her space and tell her that u want to be friends


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