Ex kisses me then tells me he doesn't know if we want to be back together but cries to me? then keeps talking to a girl and meeting up with her?

Okay so, we would've been together for 6 months and I ended it because he was pushing me too far. His mood changes constantly when he speaks to me and I've just ignored him now because he's messing me about. Why would he meet up with me and yet speak to another girl straight up after we break up? He comes crying to me saying he doesn't know what to do and telling me he still cares about me and loves me , kissing me but then meets another girl that he's talking too? I don't know what he's playing at. Just annoying me now.


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  • ... I ended it because he was pushing me too far.
    And with the Breakup, it seems he wants to Makeup, pushing a few of Your buttons still Yet even now somehow here, dear. He is Missing the Kissing and a tid bit of the history you both shared and simply Wants... His cake and eat it Two.
    He is Not Ready Nor Raring to go back to being hooked at the hip with you or even be two birds of a feather with 'Another girl.' He is this fickle pickle who still wants you in his life, Minus the strife of being in this nest at the moment.
    he can cry the blues all he wants but even if you would become Friends with benefits or he would come back with his wailing tail between his looking and lurking ways, he won't change over night so do not hold your breath. He wants you in his back pocket and expect you to stay there in place Securely While He... Meets Other girls that he is talking to.
    It would only go south again, so unless you want to find your poor heart in this Triangle Threesome, where you are way at the top, looking down, from side to side, at Him and another, then tell him how you feel and don't be this soft soap shoulder he can cry on because he is Always... Pushing me too far.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Sounds like he wants you as a back up plan. Delete and retreat, sweetie. Delete him from phone, social media etc so you aren't tempted to reach out, and don't respond to him. He isn't worth your time.

  • Tell him you're sorry that he's so sad and confused but you are not. Tell him to go cry to his mother because you don't have time for this. He's being a selfish baby.


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