What to do about seeing ex at school?

So my ex and I will be back in school together in the fall. Same program, possibly same classes. We haven't spoken since the beginning of summer when we broke up. It wasn't a "bad" breakup, it was quite mutual. I think the feelings I'm leftover with at the moment are that it was for the best, but I'm still a little hurt by his dishonesty in the end.

My anxiety is getting to me about having to see him again soon. Any advice about how do deal with this? If you've experienced this, how did you deal with it?


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  • The writing on the wall and all is telling me that he may be feeling the same way as I write this here, dear. And with 'My anxiety is getting to me...'as well, try and relax for now, do not let it get you down for the rest of your summer And... Don't over think it with the First day of school's blues.
    I am not going to lie to you, it may be one tough apple at first because it is a newbie Breakup and No Makeup that actually followed with 'It wasn't a "Bad" breakup.' You both broke it off with a Mutual agreement, and although it still pains some, you are still licking those war wounds that are still Fresh. It's only natural and so far you are doing a fine job.
    You need to be strong and do some homework in your mind by making mental notes just Why you both ended it and why it might not ever work out.
    However, who is to say what Mother Nature may have in store with more. She may ignite and reunite you both being you just so Happen to be 'Possibly same classes,' and even if you Don't, you may end up to be friends at least where it is Second nature but not the... Same program, if you get my drift.
    Be civil, don't behave like you are still Broken up. Be yourself and if anything, keep it light and semi sweet and school girl marm if you have to. It may be a bit tough in the beginning but after awhile, when the bell rings, just go about your own business, it's Business as usual.
    Good luck. xx

  • just ignore him.


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