Why does my ex have so much anger towards me just because I dumped him?

I broke up w. My boyfriend yesterday & for a day straight he just been txtin me calling me harrassing me & threatening me when all i did was say i dnt wanna be w. Him. All i did was say it nicely, now his true colors are cumin out & he's saying very hurtful things to me. Like why is he so angry & hostile i let him down easily.


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  • He is young, emotional and has a hurt ego..
    You did the right thing, it will prob get a little worse while he tries to gain your attention, but he will get over it soon enough.
    Stay strong, as you say, he has shown his true colours

    • Ill try to stay strong no matter what & he won't be getting my attention anymore cuz i blocked him at all angles

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  • My guess is that he's hurting and doesn't know how else to voice it except to be abusive/hostile towards you. Just ignore him. He should calm down. If it escalates to the point where you can't go about your day without being harassed by him, you can get parents/the police involved (whichever you think will be the most effective).

    • I was thinking of getting police involved but i dnt wanna take it there

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    • Ik but i dnt wanna live in fear 😩😒

    • So tell your parents and you'll come up with a solution together.

  • You hurt him and hurt his ego. It's tough to be told in a way that you're not good enough. Block his number.


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