I wish I would have fought for him?

My boyfriend dumped me after a year due to my trust issues. When he did it I didn't fight it, I just accepted it, and never talked to him again. I deleted him from everything and now I really regret not fighting for love. I really miss him and I don't know what to do. It's been about 3 months since our break up.
My ex and I are both extremely stubborn and I know even if he missed me he wouldn't pursue until I made it obvious. Same as how I miss him and love him, but make no effort to reconcile.


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  • What caused you to have trust issues with him? Was it his behavior, or just your paranoia/ insecurity?

    If I were you I would only reach out to him if you're okay with the possibility that he may have met someone else. You can't assume he is single or is emotionally at the same place as you.

    Finally, why NOW? What makes you want to reach out to him now? Be honest with yourself. If you're just missing his company/ are feeling a little lonely, keep in mind that as time passes, we tend to forget the less desirable qualities of our exes, and remember more strongly the good qualities. This can work in your favor for you - BUT could also cloud your judgement in term of forgetting some of his lesser qualities.

    • My own paranoia. I've missed him and wanted him back since the day it happened but I wanted to resolve my own issues with trust and get my life on track before even thinking about getting into a relationship with anyone. I've had guys ask me out but I have no emotional energy for them and I just want him.

    • Well that's very mature of you.

      If I were you, I'd still get mentally prepared to meet other guys (try a dating site - it's slightly encouraging to see all of the "new fish" out there, even if you're hung up on someone else).

      You can reach out to him but again, accept that he might have moved on.

  • you'll move on in time.


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