Is my ex jelous?

I've been in no contact with my ex for almost 4 months and i bumped into him and his new girlfriend the other day at a bar. He didn't look surprised he was just staring at me smiling and i didnr want to say hello so i just walked away. I was alone at that time but then the guy im dating arrived and he grabbed my hand and hugged me and we were having a great time but my sister saw my ex was staring at me the whole time and he let go his girlfriend hand and left 15 minutes later... was he jelouse? If he still cares a little about me why he hasn't contacted me yet?


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And in your case, when you saw one another's face, there was Definitely Jealousy inside when he saw you With... The guy.
    I would imagine there may have been a flame or so left in the pit of your own tummy here, dear, when 'I just walked away' and said not Even a "Hey." And when your sis happened to Notice His own reaction, this is telling me that you both still have a cold coal or two left over but no one has bothered to shout one another up 'For almost 4 months' because you both have been trying to Move On... With dates and mates.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I'm sorry, first of all its spelled jealous. (Usually i'm no perfectionist and ik this isn't grammar school, but when an adult can't spell I feel the urge to correct them?)
    You probably should have said "Hi" or "How are you?" or something like that. Even if he is your ex, even if you may not like each other, there's no downside to nicely greeting somebody.
    If you heard it from your sister, there may be a chance she was over exaggerating or something. If he got a girl friend and smiled at you (which shows he wasn't awkward about it) he's probably moved on.
    There could be multiple reasons he let go of her hand and left. And anyways, even if he does care about you partially, it doesn't mean he would contact you. If he didn't like what he saw and he may still be thinking about you, well, chances are that he can't get you out of your mind bc you two were dating but he's still perfectly happy in his current relationship. Don't think about it, it seems you have a loving boyfriend rn and he has a girlfriend rn, you two are history, don't give him another thought :)

  • Not jealous, maybe mad that you're happy with someone else , that he couldn't do that for you

  • yeah he was.


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