How do I get my ex to tell me how he feels about me?

I know he is still attracted to me and we do get along just as well as when we dated two years ago but its so hard to figure him out. He has no problem telling me about how he feels about his ex girlfriends but yet he never has told me straight up his feelings for me. So how do I go about finding this out?


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  • Good question. My ex and I were together all through college. She was the "ugly duckling to swan" and eventually left me to try and find someone hotter I guess. I loved her very much and actually really resented her for awhile, and through a third party she knew it. I think that he feels comfortable telling you about ex girlfriends because maybe he sees you more as a friend now. I mean I don't wish my most recent ex bad things, but I couldn't have conversations about guys she's dating, it's too fresh. But possibly in two years or so. I'm hard to figure out for her too because I ignore her. I do that to move on. He sounds like he wants to keep you around. That can be either because he likes you, or you're a last resort, or mostly because you two are friends. Just ask, it's easier.


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