Girls, I'm so depress I can't believe?

I have been texting with this girl (26) for a little over a year and until a couple of weeks ago we were o. k, she texted back we played online, etc. Now all of a sudden within a week or 10 days she was getting slower ans slower to answer my texts. She claims its not her fault she is busy , and tells me to chill and calm down, but now she even disregarde my text after I did not text her for 3 days. Its so uncharecteristic of her. I just don't know why. I feel bad, and gutted, and its worse because its not like I betrayed her or done something to her which I could say this is why she is not answering, I have no idea why. Its just a sudden change. :''''''(
I would like to add that her online game history shows no activity since last Sunday evening. She last contacted me last Saturday. This is consistent with her being busy ( as she told me already), but still she has never been so unresponsive before. And also she did not block me as far as I know. I don't know, well I guess if she really likes me like I do, I do not need to worry, because she would text back. I hope she does. :(
She texted me, after a week of silence and ignoring me.
The text reads: Wtf

:( I don't know what to make out of it. I texted her back explaining to her that I thought she was never going to talk to me again, and told her,'What could you expect after a week of silence?' .


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  • Hi foxsquirrell,
    I am so sorry for your situation. If this is a long distance relationship (based on text messaging and online game playing) it is very probable that she found a physical boyfriend and she feels guilty about keeping this contact with you, or she feels that the boyfriend can take it wrong if he finds out about you, so she is starting to drift away. I know that one year is a lot and she was a close friend to you, but I also believe you can back off for a while and maybe she will miss you :) if she doesn't, you can surely find other girls who have similar interests to you, make you company and maybe even take you more seriously than she does!

    • Yeah you are right. I am not going to text her again. Yesterday I sent her a goodbye and all the best as a last message, but I should not text her again. She clearly ignored me. So.
      But yes thank you very much for your advice I really appriciate. :)))

    • So let me ask you a question. So if I keep to my word - which I intend to do - and do not text her and she does not text as time goes by, I guess i could be rest assured that she feels nothing to me, I mean nothing to her, and that she basically has forsaken me for good right?

    • Hi,
      Yes I would definitely move on and get serious about finding a new friend ;)

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  • It's not your fault.
    She's not interested and doesn't have enough balls to tell you.
    I think you should no longer try to contact her.
    Don't be a part in the games she is playing.

    • I think you are right. I already texted it her bye and all the best. But I can't believe. It's just incredible, believe me. :(

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    • No problem -Hugs- You'll be okay. You'll find someone else.

    • Thank you. :'(

  • You took too long to make a move for her and make her your girl. Maybe another man came and stole your spot. It happens. Don't waste your time. Move on and get another girl. Don't make the same mistake again. A relationship either grows or dies.

    • How could I make a move, if she lives in the U. S. A and I live in Malta?

    • Sorry. Didn't realize that was the case. But you have to move on. Date a girl in Malta. Online dating makes you sad.

    • I would like to hang out with a foreign girl, and I am even thinking to move abroad, so..

  • Aww don't cry it's not your fault, she's the one that's being a jerk. I know that she can't be busy all the time, she seems disinterested to me. Just move on, you'll find a girl that won't do that to you. Cheer up <3

    • Well thank you for your answer, but it's really easier said than done to move on. It's just so incredible. It is to me as if all of a sudden I have found myself in a deserted place with nobody in it, and I alone have to make my way back to paradise, and I can see it nowhere.
      I mean it was so cut throat on her part. I can't believe. We used to be so nice, we texted every day, and I almost felt if she was with me at times. :(
      But again thank you for your support, I appreciate.

    • You're very welcome

  • maybe she's having personal problems?

    • Sounds plausable, but I don't think so. I mean she would have found 5 minutes in three days. And if we were close she would have told me, like I would have done. WTF it hurts so bad. I can't believe. :((
      My chest is unbearable.

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    • Thank you. :)

    • welcomed :)

  • Sounds like her interest are in other places

    • It looks like that, but I don't understand why it happened all of a sudden. :(

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    • No I have never met her. She lives in the U. S. A, and I live in Malta (near Italy). But if she hint to me that she is interested in meeting I would certainly get a ticket and meet her, but she never told me anything like that. She used to tease me a lot saying this guy wants to marry me, or even recently she told me that another guy wants her to fly to his country and marry him. She teases me like that. But what can I do? :(

    • Find another game buddy, it's for the best. Don't cry over that one there's plenty of badass gamer chics out there. Happy Hunting!!!

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