Guys/ Girls HELP, Not me or not now?

I was seeing this guy for 3 months everything had been going great. He did get out of a long term "seeing a girl" for a year prior to me. We didn't kick things off right away we took time to get to know eachother went on dates met each others friends and so on. He did say first hand he wasn't ready to be in a relationship yet but also said I'd be the kind of girl he'd date. I did understand this but figured maybe with time he'd come around. We always enjoyed each others company, did things couples do and had fun. He seemed just as into me as I was and he would do things to go out of his way to make me feel I was important to him. Recently he has been distant and it was like he had to pencil me into his days. I asked if everything was okay he said he has a lot of personal issues to deal with stating family issues. I was respectful and understood but didn't argue with him about knowing what it was as he wasn't ready to tell. We have always had trust and honesty and yesterday he told me he doesn't think he could be what I want out of this, not now. I never asked him to be anything, always patient respectful never pushed for more. We ended things I was respectful and told him I appreciated his honesty and felt the same. His next response he said he still liked me. I'm just confused is he really being honest on the not now part or is he saying just not me?


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  • no no... i believe he's honest and he still likes u and probably he really has family issues as he claims. so maybe after some weeks alter he might get back to u on his own. and start seein u more seriously as time goes by and he has totally moved on from his past long-term relationship

    • Thank you for your response, appreciate it! well I guess only time will tell at this point!

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    • No you are completely correct its only been 2 days since the break off I'm just wondering from a guys perspective if maybe I pushed him away for good? I'm giving him his space and had zero contact he did break things off with me so I won't even think to contact him even if it ended on a good note. Sorry for rambling on so much!

    • i see... then yeah family issues doesn't sem to be da prob here...

      and 2 days r still early actually... so better wait like a week or 2 tilll u can contact him back again

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