What did he mean by this?

i told his girlfriend he was cheating with me , I regret it :( we had a huge argument he was shouting ! Today we had another argument but that one talked I told him I didn't want to lose him as a friend he then said well I haven't blocked your number have I , what did he mean by this?


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  • He still wants to be your friend. But are you sure you want him? He sounds like a turd, dating two girls at the same time.


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  • Isn't it self-explanatory?

    • He said he doesn't hate me but hates me for what I've done and feels he wouldn't be able to trust me. I'm confused

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    • Sadly, he doesn't appear to be that much of a catch but it's your choice what you want from him. Let it all calm down and then you will most likely get your friendship/relationship back on track. He appears to want his cake and to eat it too !

    • I said horrible things I called him a bold ugly f... Etc

  • Means he still wants to be friends.


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