Is my ex boyfriend mad at me?

I asked him could I borrow his 360
He said " You can't hit me up to say hi or anything but you can hit me up for this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, he's pretty annoyed at you.

    Just think about. How would you feel if your ex boyfriend never talked to you nor asked you how you were, and when he finally DOES message you, it's only to ask you for you Netflix password?

    • He should be able to get over it

    • That attitude might also have something to do with it

    • I understand where your coming from I'm just more nonchalant about things like this. Forgive and forget. It's just an Xbox. I'm not asking for blood.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, you're not getting that 360 :(

    • I said hi. :( what I gotta do

    • find something else to do because he's probably going to be pissed for a while

    • He stay pissed. For no reason. If it's not one thing its another.

What Girls Said 1

  • He might be.


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