What's the biggest turn on for men?

I like this guy a lot. He is actually my ex but we've started talking again. I want to make sure he stays interested. what is the best thing a girl can do or say that will make a guy head over heels for a girl? what are the do's and don'ts?


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  • Do's

    1. Listen

    2. Communicate

    3. Smile

    4. Initiate convo sometimes

    5. Joke around with him


    1. Be moody

    2. Over due a lot of things like joking and smiling


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  • Let's assume that he likes you already. Otherwise there's nothing you can do. The best thing you can do is stay open to doing new things with him. Plan out some new activities to do together. Set up new restaurant date nights. Try going to the theater. Take a crafts class with him. Try going to a beer bar. Maybe shop for a cigar. Help him buy a gift for his mother. The best thing you can do is make all these new and happy memories. You'll still want to get in your chilling cuddled on the couch time. But you want him to think of you when he thinks about going out.

  • Talk with smile.

    Never talk too much in first date after already ex

    Have ice-cream or lunch and go for park or any place where he likes it.

    Start proceedings as if you were never had break-up.Be yourself

    Nothing extra.Thnx


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