How long should I wait?

I haven't spoken to my boyfriend in three days on so petty crap. How long should I wait before breaking it off with him?


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  • So you want to end things with him completely?

    I wouldn't message him at all.
    I'd let him message me and then I'd say it's over.

    • I don't like playing childish game. I Dont mind its only been 4 months

    • I don't think that's childish.
      Childish would be cursing him out and messaging him non stop.

      If he doesn't care enough to contact you.
      Why would you care enough to contact him?

    • You have a point.

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  • Don't beat around the bush. just tell him

  • Wait a week.

    • Should I contact him or let it go. He haven't reach out to me so I take it as he doesn't care.

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