Moving to same neighbourhood as ex - should I tell him?

So I live in a massive city and it's pretty hard to find a decent apartment at a reasonable price. After months of looking, I've found one that I love. The only catch is that it's about half a block from my ex. The apartment is too perfect for me to care about that fact. I don't care if it sounds crazy or stalker-ish, but finding a rent-controlled apartment is hard enough as it is! My question, though, is whether I should tell him. We only dated for about 2 months, but it ended badly. He basically led me on and really hurt me, which resulted in me saying some pretty nasty things to him. I'm guessing that run-ins will be pretty inevitable. Should I warn him and eliminate any awkward surprise? Or should I just let it be and carry on with my life? Personally, I'd rather do the latter, but I'm not sure what's fair to him.


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  • I don't think you should consider telling him any of this.
    I mean you both ended on a bad note.
    He isn't entitled to know anything about your whereabouts.
    If you both bump into eachother by surprise , maintain your cool and keep walking.

    • Thanks! :) does the fact that we still text occasionally change anything you advised? I really don't want to see him.

    • No, if I barely talk to someone I have the tendency to not share important aspects of my life. I just speak about day to day things that hold no importance to my deep inner life.

      No problem.
      If you do see him , could you always say you're visiting a friend in the area.
      If you feel comfortable enough (and want to let him know your business), just say you were checking out apartments for rent.

  • no don't tell him, i think if you tell him, he might think that you still think about him. :)


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