GUYS: Why would he blocked me from social media after saying all this?

I lost my patience and pulled the plug by saying, "Just realized that I finished my day with a whole convo over nothing solved. Lol it's not going anywhere because it shouldn't be this hard. So fuck it. it's all a joke. I'm done trying. Nice knowing you. Bye

He then responded:

"Wow it's like that huh... You want bad blood fine fck it. And you didn't really try at all the second time around so quit saying you did. But with all else aside I hope everything works it with you. You deserve the best in life and you've worked hard for it. It's just a shame that this is really how you feel about things... Hopefully you don't become a stranger. I honestly do care about you and wish you well... But you took the shot and this is it. Glad to know everything was a joke to you." After saying all of this, I realized he blocked me on Facebook and Instagram. I messaged him the next day but it went unanswered. I am not sure if he blocked me on the phone too.

But anyway, let me know what you think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • If it's over, why do you care..
    He blocked you because it looks like too much drama


Most Helpful Girl

  • Based on the information you've given, I think that you got frustrated and so caught up in the moment that you initiated a decision you weren't fully ready for. I don't think you were prepared to be cut off and ignored. Him blocking you from social media probably stung. :/

    Without more details, it's hard to say if he's done for good and decided to cut you off permanently or if he's just upset and needs time to cool off.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Because you broke up with him?

  • What is your intent with this guy? Do you want to get back together with him?

    • I just found out that he unblocked me -_-

  • Cause you sound like a headcase. I don't know if you're aware... but words actually MEAN stuff. 'Nice knowing you. Bye' His response - Later babe.

    Congratulations, you dumped yourself.

    • This is so cowardly for you to insult her like that.
      She's not a headcase: she clearly got frustrated and said something she didn't mean. It happens. No need to be an ass.

What Girls Said 2

  • He seemed like a nice guy, maybe you could have been a little bit more patient

  • Why even care anymore be blocked you and its over, you should just move on. If you keep continuing on with him it'll probably turn into drama :/


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