Why does he act this way? Was I in the wrong?

I asked him could I borrow his 360
He said " You can't hit me up to say hi or anything but you can hit me up for this?
I said "Is that a no or a yes"

Was I in THE WRONG? It was an honest question.

The last time I spoke to him was almost 2 months ago. Why is he so angry towards me. Im nice to him. Always.


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  • He probably reckoned you saw him only as someone you call up when you need something and therefore felt disrespected.


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  • So... two months without talking... no greetings and a request to borrow a machine of his while you two aren't even together or friends and you are, seriously, asking if you were "wrong"?

    I mean... really?

    • we talked in may he asked how I was I asked him how he was.

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    • Like a user? I really didn't think It was that bad until he got mad.

    • @asker Yes exactly.

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